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Connectseller Listings is powered by several real estate companies who have gathered so much experience from listing and selling luxury properties over the Internet for real estate developers and sellers in Lekki Lagos Nigeria. We are a Lagos based real estate listing service that connects buyers directly to sellers of several goods and services.

It is out of our unique experience in the real estate market that we decided to become a buyer based real estate listing website where buyers can get directly connected to real estate developers and sellers without going through chains of real estate agents who do not have intention behind their agency services. We decided to build a brand from the mistakes of our competitors to suit real estate buyers who needs a direct communication with the developer/seller of the property a potential buyer is interested in.

We have had over 10 years of solid experience with buyers and sellers here in Nigeria and we have a deep client base of real estate developers who build and sell brand new homes here in Nigeria.

Our staff base is mostly IT consultants who understands the art of selling goods and services over the internet with internet lead generation systems as much as we have staffs who do the leg work and physical scouting of properties from real estate developers and sellers willing to list with Connectseller Listings. We also have the foundational staffs who are educationally qualified in real estate and financial education which ensures that clients make the best financial decisions.

Connectseller Listings Limited as a company is registered as a Limited Liability company with the corporate affairs commission (CAC)

We are a unique buyer agency service that helps buyers purchase directly from real estate developers and sellers without paying buyer agency fees but a connection fee of 55,000 NGN. Our agency fees are paid by the sellers and we don’t charge buyers the regular 5% fees and this makes us very special to buyers that use our services.

We give potential buyers the direct contact details of any real estate developer/seller that the buyer has physically inspected their properties and are willing to do their due diligence and make the purchase. Unlike the common practice of real estate agents where buyers have no access to sellers until payment is made which makes the buyer have to constantly go through agents for every detail which most buyers need to directly communicate with the owners of the property. Buyers can decide to personally do their physical inspections with the developer/seller after they have made a commitment to Connectseller Listings without the presence of any agent.

Buyers that use our service have enjoyed the special feeling of dealing directly with the sellers rather than agents which makes their buying much easier, convenient and free from agency chains. Most importantly buyers are eased of the burden of extra costs from agency fees among other important fees charged by sellers during purchase.


It is from the extensive research undertaken from our firm that we have mapped out strategies to eradicate the previous modus operandi of real estate agency in Nigeria as well as the challenges faced by developers, buyers and investors in real estate.


It’s within our vision, the eradication of the non-professional model of estate management and sharing a more innovative and trendy strategy that suits clients of the internet age.


Buyers who have a tight budget matters to us and because of the luxurious nature of the properties we sell for developers, we meet buyers that are very much interested in buying but because of their tight budget, they are unable to buy what they really desire, as a result, we consider those buyers as very important because of their big desires and willingness to buy that makes us see the need to make buying much easier as agency fees to a buyer with a tight budget is extra costs and buyers always find a way to avoid an extra costs.

Buyers are very valuable to us because if they don’t buy, we don’t sell and that is why we consider very serious buyers no matter the working budget each might have as we make buying easier for them, they make selling happen for us as we have several real estate developers willing to sell properties to these buyers. Our buyer free agency service helps buyers on a budget buy their dream homes and that makes our services valuable and desirable.

We pay attention to details to our buyers as they are the reason why we list properties for developers in real estate and the sole reason why we can keep selling.


Our clients are:

  1. Real estate buyers.
  2. Real estate developers/sellers.
  3. Furniture manufactures.
  4. Short let property owners (vacation homes)
  5. Vacation homes guests.

Real estate buyers:

  1. Real estate buyers using our services are directly connected to property developers and sellers without paying buyer agency fees but a connection fee of 55,000 NGN.
  2. Buyers can avoid long chain of unprofessional agents who are only after their agency fees and not the goal of the buyer.
  3. Direct communication with sellers.
  4. Brand new properties only listing website.
  5. Inspection and other real estate services are free of charge.

Real estate developers and sellers:

  1. Property developers listing with us will have a worldwide view for their property as we list on local and international listing services that gives properties a worldwide reach.
  2. Quicker sales for developers as we are a multi-platform listing service that uses several lead generation services and internet lead generation systems.
  3. Developers can sell to Nigerian based buyers abroad who are always willing to buy out rightly.
  4. Direct connection to real estate buyer willing to buy properties.

Furniture manufacturers

  1. We list furniture from all parts of the world for furniture manufacturers all over the world as we have a growing customer base that like to buy locally and internationally made furniture.
  2. We generate buyer leads for furniture makers and help them sell faster as have a deep base of real estate developers who sell properties and require furniture for their developments.
  3. We have both physical and internet based buyer generation systems that ensure that we constantly increase our buyer base and that makes sure that manufacturers can get buyers from us.
  4. The most successful businesses are built over the internet because of the need for speed factor of money which states that products should sell as quickly as possible to guarantee the ideal cash flow. Manufacturers listing with us will enjoy quicker sales as we use Nigerian based lead generation to find buyers that love foreign and local furniture.

Short let property owners (vacation homes):

  1. Owners of short let properties will enjoy a worldwide view of their short stay homes because of our deep experience in property listing and lead generation.
  2. Constant booking as a result of multi-platform listing services which will ensure that guests readily looking to book will go for long stays
  3. Top notch professional advice for owners to ensure the investment is well managed physically to stand the test of time and financially to keep making money for the owners.
  4. Owners will be able to grow their number of properties available when they list with us as we will implement our unique management skills that will ensure owners become super hosts to guests looking for vacation homes.
  5. Vacation home owners will enjoy the best benefits of constant cash flow as they will receive daily and monthly income from property
  6. Owners can have a worldwide view on their properties as they are connected to local and foreign guests from our international lead generation platforms.
  7. Investors can make daily income of $70 to $1000 and monthly income of $2000 to $15k monthly depending on the location of the investment property in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

Vacation home guests:

  1. We list several types of apartments and vacation homes for potential guests looking for properties for several purposes like birthdays, vacation, business trips, honey moons etc.
  2. Potential guests looking for short let properties for 3 days and above gets 1 day free with other freebies and discounts available for long stay guests.
  3. Variety of properties available in different locations all over the most desirable locations in the country.
  4. All our listings are brand new apartments and vacation homes.
  5. Luxurious apartments and vacation homes available for several purposes of potential gusts.
  6. Guests can enjoy unbeatable services as we are an innovative company out to deliver luxury and class to guests.


  1. Real estate sales listings for developers.
  2. Real estate purchases for buyers.
  3. Furniture and interiors listings for manufacturers.
  4. Short Let apartments and serviced apartment listings (Vacation homes).
  5. Physical and internet based lead generation based services.
  6. Real estate investment advisory for cash flow properties.
  7. Interior decoration.